Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Make Money With Craigslist!

1. Signup for a FREE affiliate program for a dating site, this is the one I currently
use 100% FREE. or

2. Opt-in for the PPC program (Pay Per Click) in the sign up form.

3. Set up your affiliate link for the dating site. This particular

company owns a network of different dating sites and will allow you to

promote their other products. The money you earn from each one will

be included on a single check sent to you every other week.

4. Now for the fun part. Hop on to Craigslist or Backpage (Gumtree for

London) and make posts in the personals section of the site. Pose as a

female. Post in high traffic cities like New York or Los Angeles. An

example of one of the posts I use: “My name is Ashley and I am

looking for some decent men in New York. If you are well mannered

and not over 50, email me and we'll see what happens. Pictures not

necessary for the first email but I definitely want to see them. I'm just

lonely and need to have some fun with a good man.

Use pictures when you make a post. Pictures can be found

anywhere...(myspace, google images)

5. Have some email addresses ready for replies to be sent to. I use

a few gmail accounts for this purpose.

6. Set up an auto replier for your email accounts. I believe gmail

has one, but it doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment. I just

have my POP enabled in gmail and use Outlook Express and set up my

auto reply message there. A tutorial on how to do that can be found

here. In the auto reply message use something like: “Hi there, thanks for

your reply to my ad, I hope you're guy I'm looking for. Could you

please register for free at *insert affiliate link* and send me your

profile ID sweetie. It's important so you can see my profile with

pictures and a cell phone number. Don't be over 50 please!

Make sure to include the affiliate link in the auto reply, or the clicks

will count for nothing.

* I only do this for a few hours a day and use a few email accounts.

I’m sure if I put more effort I could be drawing in tons more money.

One person has claimed to make $800 a day off this, but he spends 8

hours a day and probably has 10-20 email accounts. The more effort

you put in will obviously yield larger results.

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