Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Make Money Tweeting in Your Spare Time!

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you have at least a small following? Great! You are ready to make some money with your tweets! There are currently three main twitter advertisers that use regular people to promote ads. Read on....

Difficulty: Easy


Step #1:

The most legitimate and highly recommended pay per tweet company is Sponsored Tweets. (Clickable link in Resource section below this article.) At Sponsored Tweets you get offers to tweet about products. When you sign up, you choose how much you want to be paid per tweet and you have total control over each transaction. When you get an offer, and email is send to your Twitter inbox. When you view the offer you can choose to accept or reject. If you accept the offer, you are asked to write the tweet yourself. If the sponsor likes it, then it is tweeted and your account is credited with the amount of money the two of you agreed upon. You must have $50 in your account to ask for payment. Sponsored Tweets sends payment to you via your paypal account. Sponsored Tweets has more offers and pays more than the other two companies.

Step #2:

Pay Per Tweet comes in second after Sponsored Tweets, though they are still in their BETA stage. (Clickable link in Resource section below this article.) Once you sign up at Pay Per Tweet you can browse ads and choose which ads you would like to tweet. The pay is lower, but they seem respectful of your privacy. They have an offer to pay you for tweeting about their site as well. They currently do not have a specific pay out amount of payment method listed.

Step #3:

Paid per tweet is another option for getting paid for you tweets.(Clickable link in Resource section below this article.) At paid per tweet, you sign up and wait for 'Opportunities' to show up in your account. From there you can accept or decline them. Be warned that this site will write on your twitter statusthat you signed up for them without asking your permission to do so. The minimum payout for this website is $8.00, and they too use paypal.

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