Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Learn how to get 100+ followers within the next 15 minutes

Twiends is a way to get twitter friends and followers and grow your community. You can even find people in your own country or with the same interests as you. twiends is a credit based system that provides people with an incentive to check each other out.

1. Signup for FREE at Twiends.com

2. Click on Free credits

3. You DO NOT have to follow anyone, just enter these voucher codes:

LK4W2Q 50 credits
54MU1W 50 credits
KE3YZ1 75 credits
98HJ1A 75 credits

4. You DO NOT have to join the email list either, just click here,

and get another 100 credits!

5. Enjoy, in the next 15 minutes you will have 100+ new followers!


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